Let’s face it! Instagram has a tremendous influence on the way we choose our vacation destination. I know it’s true for me! 

Before going to Tunisia, I spent hours looking for the most popular spots on Instagram, and tried to plan my trip around it. Problem was that I chose the wrong timing to travel, as it was during Eid holiday (Religious celebrations) and was not aware that the entire country was closed and had very limited mobility and the weather was very hot and humid, which didn’t help in exploring the city properly.

The below are the top spots you should visit to get those beautiful Instagram posts:

An alley in the colorful streets of Sidi bou Said, Tunisia
  1. Sidi bou Said 

The unique blue doors and white houses of Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia might be one of the prettiest villages you’ve never heard of. This village which overlooks the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Tunis is a must when visiting Tunisia.

There are plenty of cute doors to shoot, and the residents are very friendly and don’t mind tourists constantly posing in front of their houses. 

  1. Medina of Tunis

The Tunis Medina became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 and has over 700 monuments distributed in 7 areas

There is a cafe in the area called Panorama cafe that offers stunning views of the old town and the El-Zituna Mosque. You can also enjoy these views for free by asking the merchants in the market if they have a roof and if you can go up to take a couple of photos.

The ruins of Carthage, Tunisia
  1. Carthage

Carthage was the center or capital city of the ancient Carthaginian civilization. Carthage was widely considered the most important trading hub of the Ancient Mediterranean and was arguably one of the most affluent cities of the classical world.

Carthage is located 15 km north of Tunis and can be reached via public transport by taking the TGM (Tunis-Goulette-Marsa light rail) to one of the several stations in Carthage. 

  1. Souks of Tunis

The souks of Tunis are a set of shops and boutiques located in the medina of Tunis, capital of Tunisia. Most of the souks were built under the Hafsid dynasty in the 13th century and near the Al-Zaytuna Mosque. You can buy souvenirs, gifts, clothes, perfumes, and jewelry at these shops and remember that you can always negotiate the prices.

Cafe Des Delices in Sidi bu Said, Tunisia
  1. Cafe Des Delices

The cafe was opened in 1960 and for almost 60 years has been the most famous cafe in Sidi Bou Said. It’s the most famous for its panoramic views over the Gulf of Tunisia. However, according to many reviews online, the cafe is extremely overpriced and many tourists complained about being overcharged for the items they purchased such as a cup of tea or coffee. 

Which one would you visit?

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